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Monday, 26 March 2012

Well the weekend is over, back to the grind!

We had a great Clinic with Pola Preugel. Ponies were pushed to the limits this weekend. Racing and pass offs, the ponies took everything in stride for the first real test of the year. New ponies were tested out with only a few minor rider falls! All the riders showed great progress over the weekend! We will be putting our new tricks to the test over the next months to prepare for our Pairs Series! This looks to be a promising year for Alberta Mounted Games! With much more to look forward to! We will be continuing our scheduled practices, adding World team try-outs with Coach Jim Dunn the second week in april.

Many thanks to Pola for putting on a geat clinic! I know everyone had a great time and learned lots! I know one one thing that will stick with me is: "Mounted Games is about keeping your hand in the same spot for the longest amount of time." Applying to placing all the props/ equipment on bins, poles etc. We all learned lots and I know my muscles were pushed to the test! Much needed Advil to get on with work this morning haha..

Hope everyone has a splendid spring break! See everyone very soon!

Shelby  :)

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